Introduction to Joe Reich’s Law Practice

You need the best of lawyers on your side.  Contacting the Joe Reich Law Office is the first step toward reaching

that goal.  Joe Reich is knowledgeable.  He will guide you through a variety of legal challenges, while protecting your rights every step of the way.  With a combined practice of over thirty years, he has gained the trust and confidence of hundreds of clients over the course of his legal careers.

Clients often initially arrive at Joe Reich Law Office feeling overwhelmed and confused by the complexity of the legal process.  They look to Mr Reich to navigate them out of that confusion and towards clarity.  Joe Reich will apprise you of your legal rights, ensure you are fully informed, discuss the unique aspects of your particular case, strategize with you to optimize your legal opportunities, and fight to achieve your goals.

Joe Reich’s Law Office approaches your legal issues with empathy and understanding, and he works tirelessly to protect your rights.  Many clients appreciate Joe’s strengths in negotiations and in collaborative law.  Others know that fiercely contested issues may require lawyers who will fight hard for the best outcome for his clients.  The Law Office of Joe Reich is capable and committed to working for you in either situation.

As the sole Attorney Joe Reich will take pride in compassionately and affordably navigating clients through the most difficult and trying times.  He offers his personal attention and dedicated legal representation for clients facing serious legal decisions.  His law practice offers weekend and evening appointments.  If you prefer Mr Reich will arrange to come to you.  Your time is valuable.

Legal Services

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