Inheritance Disputes, Trusts, Wills,

                  Investigation and Estate Theft

Financial Abuse is everywhere.  Many people are isolated, with family and friends far away.

This makes them vulnerable to financial abuses such as fraudulent schemes, inappropriate trust

accounts and outright theft.

Who commits Financial Abuse?

Financial fraud and theft are committed by people such as in-home caregivers, nursing home personnel,

family members, friends, attorneys, accountants, and physicians.  People in a fiduciary relationship

with the person, such as a trustee or the holder of a power of attorney, may be defrauding the person

whose resources they control. 

Examples of Estate Theft

Financial abuse can take many forms. Example signs of financial abuse:

  1. Inappropriate trust documents

  2. Loss of valuable personal belongings

  3. Emptying of bank accounts

  4. Forgery of person’s signature on checks

  5. Changing title on real estate, bank accounts, cars, and other property

  6. Changing the will to benefit another

  7. Withholding medicine

  8. Isolation


What attorneys can do for victims of estate theft is significant, but limited. The earlier you act, the better. 

After the person dies, the most an attorney can do is cut your losses.  Families can protect against

estate theft by being proactive.  Seeing an attorney may save the entire estate for the rightful heirs.

Remember, “Too late comes after Procrastinate”.



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